Byron author

I have always strived to contribute positively to those who seek to change, or who need help in moving beyond self-doubt, or personal issues. My experiences include criminology, employee assistance, and inspirational/motivation seminars.


The Road To Joy and Happiness, How To: Develop Life-Changing Habits, Change Negative Behaviors, and Create The Life You Want by Byron Pulsifer, Catherine Pulsifer

It's easy to become overwhelmed with negative thoughts and emotions that can lead to unhappiness and distress. But what if you could implement certain habits which could help you develop a habit of joy and happiness? Discover 19 practical and life-changing habits, along with a special 21-day challenge, to help you find joy and happiness. The 19 key habits are like a map that can take you down this rewarding road, allowing you to uncover greater joy and happiness in all aspects of your life. Developing life-changing habits is an achievable goal and doesn't have to be daunting. There is no one path to joy and happiness, but rather a combination of elements. It may seem like an impossible task, but with dedication and effort, you CAN travel the life-changing road to joy and happiness. So why not start today?

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