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Illegal Adult by Aditya Balaji

A lawyer-turned-vigilante conducts a fatal experiment to discover the perfect set of laws. It's the year 2035, and Tillamet is now a bustling smart city. With its city-wide blockchain and rich internet-of-things ecosystem, it serves as a glowing reminder to the world that investment in the right technologies can empower every fathomable industry. What is not apparent to the outside world, is that these same technologies are being used to give each Tillamet citizen the license to create his/her own laws and live by them without legal consequence. Are all human beings similar on some level? And will different peoples' preferences for the law eventually converge to create the best possible laws for society? Tarun Ladda, the mastermind behind the city's functioning, seems to think so. At least, that would explain why he sacrificed his career and his morals, got the blood of an entire community on his hands, and imprisoned thousands of men and women within the boundaries of Tillamet. But it's only a matter of time before the web of deceit around which this city was built will begin to unravel. Plus, there's the added issue of an abused teen killer in Tillamet who's acquired the power to escape the city, raring to hunt down the very people who put her in there...

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