Empire's Reckoning by Marian L Thorpe ✓ author

How many secrets does your family have? For 13 years, Sorley has taught music alongside the man he loves, war and betrayal nearly forgotten. But behind his calm and ordered life, there are hidden truths. When a young girl’s question demands an honest answer, should he lie, breaking the most important oath he has made – or tell the truth, risking the destruction of both his family and a fragile political alliance? Continuing the story begun in the Empire’s Legacy trilogy, Empire’s Reckoning asks if love – of country, of an individual, of family – can be enough to leave behind the expectations of history and culture, and provide an uncharted path to peace. Gold Medal, Historical Fantasy Book of the Year, 2020, Coffee Pot Book Club

Age: Adult

Genre: LGBTQ+ Representation

Genre: Fantasy/Historical

Genre: Historical Fiction/Alternate History

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