The Reason Jude Exists


The Reason Jude Exists by A Morgan

‘Amy and my love story began when my first love story ended. What you’re about to read won’t be pretty, but it is an epic tale of love, personal growth, and the things in life that both get in the way and open the door to the best relationships of our lives.’ -Jude Kendrick ~ When Jude became a widower and a single dad aged just thirty-six his life went into a tailspin. Now he tells his unique and heart-wrenching story of how he navigated the complexities of falling in love again, overshadowed by grief and reluctant fatherhood. Falling in love in your late thirties presents many challenges, not least because very few people get to this age without excess relationship baggage. Jude has more than his fair share with his dead wife and overflowing black book. Amy on the other hand, hasn't had children yet, and with the clock ticking, Jude is far from the right man for her to get involved with despite his overwhelming belief that he is. Their story takes place in middle-class England where success is measured by impressive careers, beautiful homes, and fancy cars; yet everyone is failing miserably where it truly at being happy. With his heart on his sleeve and his ego in check, Jude takes a chance at happiness with Amy in the face of the external forces threatening to keep their love tantalisingly out of reach.

AdultWomen's Fiction/ContemporaryContemporary FictionDiversity Representation/Mental Health

Content Warning: Mental & physical health, infertility & IVF, drug & alcohol abuse, mention of suicide, divorce/cheating (not between main couple), explicit sex scenes.

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