The Bones of Prophecy


The Bones of Prophecy by J. Rokusson

Forged in hate. Chained by fate. Azran possesses three gifts that evoke unease in both allies and enemies alike – sorcery to edge his blade, unsavoury virtues, and an ill-favoured, imaginary friend. Yet, even Azran isn’t knowing in carrying the fourth: the Elder blade, glacier-forged, with a will of its own. After fulfilling his master’s latest orders, Azran awakes inside a mausoleum, with both his memories and sorcery gone. Clasped in the hands of a corpse is a centuries-old letter, addressed to him. If Azran is to reclaim what is lost, he must follow a path of puzzles. With each step, a plot unfurls that stretches further beyond Azran’s own troubles, reigniting divine rivalries. A goddess reaches from beyond the grave, and a chained god stirs. To make matters worse, Azran’s fabricated friend sets out on his own, guided by a sinister hand. Unburdened by the remembrance of his former life, Azran has a chance to earn back his humanity … If only he could stifle his simmering rage. And like his anger, so too the secrets of his past refuse to stay buried, giving Azran a glimpse of the man he used to be. What will happen to this earth if he ever regains his memories?

AdultFantasy/Epic and High

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