The Tigers of Talighati


The Tigers of Talighati by Dave Ryan Haaiski

Deep in the enchanted jungles of Asia live three tiger cubs: Dabbu, Vaayu, and Neela. They are playful; they are rambunctious—each with a personality of their own. Dabbu loves to eat and sleep. Neela is a fast learner who loves conversing with the birds. Vaayu is carefree and loves to think outside the box. All three are raised by Leela, their doting mother, and their powerful father, Tej—who have to often engage in brutal fights with others to protect their cubs. As the cubs develop into extraordinary teens while enjoying a fun-filled, adventurous life, an unknown danger threatens to turn everything upside down. An evil monster, his wicked advisors, some sneaky spies, and a vicious army of blood-thirsty dholes (wild dogs) are marching towards Talighati to capture its territories and destroy everything that stands in their way. Hundreds of bloodied bodies lie strewn across the jungle in wake of their deadly rampage. When a friend brings news of their impending arrival, the family is torn—should they stay and fight, or should they flee? But how can a handful of tigers fight a powerful army? Where will they go? The wicked army is everywhere, and so are the spies. The inexperienced teens and their mother have to embark on a perilous journey through the river, where they can be caught at the next turn. What other dangers await them and their cousin, Yug? Which animals will they meet, and will they help or betray? What will be their fate? Will the evil monster and his army have the last laugh? This nuanced, multi-layered action thriller is for all those who enjoy captivating characters, unexpected twists and turns, intense fights, a few shocks, revenge, a healthy dose of humor, a dash of romance, and an ever changing landscape that will take your breath away.

Young AdultMystery, Thriller, and Suspense

Content Warning: Mild Fights

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