Boy of Shadows


Boy of Shadows by Camilla Vavruch

A scarred boy. A power struggle. A unique bird. And painful longing for love. Tristan’s father has abused him since he was a small child, leaving his body scarred and in constant pain. But no matter much Father tries, torture doesn’t keep Tristan from falling in love with simple field worker Will. Falling in love? Easy. But showing Will his flaws? No. Damaged in both body and mind, he sends Will away, unwilling to let him see more weakness. Alone and filled with self-hatred, Tristan must face the ambitious Overster Garrensor and his disdainful son—but all he wants is Will.

Young AdultFantasy/Cozy, Low, Mundane, and Slice of LifeDiversity Representation/LGBTQ+Diversity Representation/Mental HealthFantasyFantasy/Court Intrigue

Content Warning: This novel is about forgiving yourself and that accepting friendship and love from others isn’t a sign of weakness, but strength. Contains another good helping of boys blind to their own best, hurt/comfort, and a gay relationship. It is the second novel in the series Stories of Gereon, taking place toward the end of Stone of Shadows and onward. Please read the trigger warnings if you need to, available on the author's website.

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