As Born to Rule the Storm


As Born to Rule the Storm by Cate Baumer

The star-crossed temporal romance of THIS IS HOW YOU LOSE THE TIME WAR meets the vintage setting and yearning of DIVINE RIVALS in AS BORN TO RULE THE STORM. Cadet Charlotte Amsel will trade her life to win a war- but not all at once. As part of an elite group of experimental soldiers, she can move through time, with each jump taking months from her own fated lifespan as she struggles to prevent the cold war from boiling over into an apocalypse. With her own side just as untrustworthy as the enemy, the only thing she cares about is keeping her best friend and fellow soldier (and in some timelines, lover) safe. But each time loop adds violent complications, and saving anyone before she runs out of life to give may prove impossible.

AdultScience Fiction/RomanceScience Fiction/SuperheroesScience Fiction/Soft SFScience Fiction/Time Travel

Content Warning: War-typical violence Brief mentions and depictions of suicide Child death

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