Dark Mind


Dark Mind by Val Neil

Magic is dying out. There are only two people who can stop it: a psychopathic wizard who can’t keep it in his pants and an autistic mage with crippling anxiety. Nikolai no longer wants to kill Medea—he’d much rather sleep with her, certain it’s the key to winning her heart and learning the secret to immortality. But she seems oblivious to his advances, and Yoxtl won’t stop cockblocking him. The damned spirit won’t relent until he builds it a following. Medea has sensed the decline of magic for years. Now that she has an apprentice who can help her discover the cause, she finds her own discomfort with an ever-changing society getting in the way. Nikolai has been acting odd, too, though she can’t put her finger on why. Their research takes them to America, where Medea struggles to navigate the Mundane world and Nikolai thrives, relying on his newly honed telepathy skills—a branch of magic that Medea despises and fears he’ll use against her. Will she ever learn to trust him? Should she? And when they stumble upon a mysterious magical signature in the unlikeliest of places—the heart of a Mundane city—will it shed some light on the fall of magic or lead to more questions?

AdultFantasy/HistoricalDiversity Representation/Neurodiversity/Own VoicesFantasy/Dark

Content Warning: This book contains -psychopathic protagonist who could be triggering to some -autistic protagonist whose actions don’t always make sense to neurotypicals -swearing, murder, violence, gore, trauma -no sex scenes, but not for lack of Nikolai trying -graphic depictions of what passed for mental healthcare in 1957 -racism and ableism and homophobia - oh my! -Now with more Medea!

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