Polyphemus by Zachary Ashford

"Ashford conjures a mean and grubby world laden with sex, drugs, rock and roll—and absolute buckets of gore." -Publishers Weekly When lead vocalist of Polyphemus Stephen Oaks’s near-fatal on-stage overdose leaves them under pressure from their label, the band’s remaining members must find a new vocalist, pick up the pieces and forge on without him. Unfortunately, he’s fresh from rehab and desperate to reunite with his old band, In fact, he’s so desperate that he’ll bargain with dark forces and sacrifice everything – and anyone! After the final encore is played and the house lights come down, there is no telling who will remain or who they’ll be in allegiance to. For Polyphemus, obsession costs far more than mere murder.

AdultHorrorHorror/Paranormal CreaturesMystery, Thriller, and SuspenseMystery, Thriller, and Suspense/Supernatural and ParanormalHorror/Supernatural and Occult

Content Warning: Intravenous drug-use and references Gore Sudden violence Demonic sex Demonic rituals Demonic possession Animal sacrifice Fart jokes Alcohol abuse Toxic relationships Misogynistic attitudes Pissweak men who fuck everything up Sexual references Murder The loss of a baby (off-screen) Frequent bro-ing down

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