In Aeternum


In Aeternum by Maxime Jaz

“For who could love a beast, forever?” Jay is a sensitive, traumatized young man selling his body to pay his college tuition fees and to send money to his gravely ill mother. Roman is a centuries old vampire who has no control over whom he bonds with. When they cross paths, it’s supposed to be for only one bite, but it ignites the fires of love within Roman. Jay gets caught in his own feelings for Roman, who needs to feed on humans to survive, even if following his own moral compass. And although danger lurks in the form of another bloodthirsty predator, Roman and Jay’s journey through life is also wrought with human monsters, as dangerous as the mythical ones. Will Jay and Roman find the forever love—a love transcending difference, mortality, and immortality—that they are both yearning for?

AdultRomance/EroticaContemporary FictionDiversity Representation/Mental HealthDiversity Representation/LGBTQ+/Own VoicesRomance/Paranormal

Content Warning: Violence, gore, abuse, on page killing, mention of SA,dubcon,noncon,blood, injuries, prostitution, death, grief, cancer, fights, graphic unaliving

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