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What if the edge of the world wasn't far enough to confront your biggest fears? Damian has it all: first-class ticket home, whisky to drown his fear of flying, snark, and arrogance to push away everyone. Just not the wife. Heartbroken flight attendant Gabe likes his flights uneventful. His training and gentle nature are enough to keep him from busting Damian's face in. Probably. A plane crash forces lives and worlds that couldn't be more different to become one. They fight each other, their biggest fears, a life so rough survival is just the beginning... can they win battles brewing far away, at home?

AdultDiversity Representation/LGBTQ+/Own VoicesContemporary FictionRomance/ContemporaryDiversity Representation/Mental HealthRomance/Erotica

Content Warning: violence, alcoholism, withdrawal, suicidal thoughts, marital conflicts, violence, verbal homophobia, parent child issues, fear of dark, fear of flight, wounds, fear of darkness, on page animal death and killing, plane crash, death, grief

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