A Discovery of BDSM by Koriana Brackson ✓ author

Have you… have you ever… experimented with BDSM? Of all the things Kenzie’s best friend and lover could have asked her, she didn’t expect that question. Yet, three years into their friendship, it’s exactly what Felicity wanted to know. A twenty-three year old Kenzie learns of Dominance and submission for the first time, and it intrigues her as much as it intrigued Felicity. Authors Note: The events of A Discovery of BDSM are set twenty-one years prior to the first book of the Bijou Basin series - Natural Exposure. Though Kenzie and Felicity, the main characters of this short story, are still best friends and occasional playmates, they are not still in a relationship with each other in Natural Exposure. Felicity is shown plenty through the first three books of the series and is quite impatiently, rudely, and effusively clamoring for her own story to be told.

Age: Adult

Genre: Romance

Genre: Romance/Contemporary

Genre: Romance/Erotica

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