Unparalleled by Whitney Ivey

Love often grows from the most unimaginable of places, and Unparalleled by Whitney Ivey captures a unique and alternative perspective on imaginary friends and the ways in which children have been known to interact with the spirit realm. Unparalleled is a riveting fantasy love story, following a young boy, Derek, and his vivid imagination into adulthood as he journeys through life with his best friend, Essi. She is anything but imaginary, despite his parents' and society's highly skeptical thoughts. As Derek realizes Essi is his one true love, he also comes to the heartbreaking realization that their worlds cannot continue to collide because their friendship comes with a strict expiration date. Will Derek get the chance to tell her before it's too late? Can Derek hold on to the hope that he will find Essi once again, or will life without Essi be the forever he never wanted?

Young AdultRomance/FantasyScience Fiction/Parallel and Alternate UniverseFantasy

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