She Who Brought the Storm (Stars, Hearts and Dreams book 0.5)


She Who Brought the Storm (Stars, Hearts and Dreams book 0.5) by Vaela Denarr & Micah Iannandrea

“What kind of raging asshole is setting loose hydras in my territory?” Some monsters come with fangs, forked tongues and sharp scales. Some come with smiles, soft eyes and honeyed words. Laura, a totally normal sized dragon, rules the peaceful Ashwood alongside her beloved twin sister (who can shut up about Laura's height!). However, when tales of monsters and treachery reach their secluded lair, Laura feels her control over her territory and the safety of her subjects slipping. And that is something she cannot allow. Aiding her on her hunts is Rhi, a young, cheerful ranger who hides a dark secret just beneath their skin. They’re looking for their own vengeance, and definitely not for ill-fated romances with hot, confident dragons! They’re happy to assist Laura, especially if it gets them closer to their quarry. (And definitely not because she’s pretty!) But monsters aren’t so easily slain, and the two of them end up fighting an uphill battle. To complicate matters, Calia, once Laura’s friend, returns, invading her territory, her head, and her heart. With enemies lurking in the shadows, Laura has no time to start new relationships or rekindle old ones. But that doesn’t stop Calia, Bringer of Storms and toughest dragon around. She wants Laura, and no monsters will stand in her way, no matter what skin they wear. If they try… well, then she might just devour them all. Will Laura be able to hold her own against the dangers surrounding her? Whom can she trust to guard her heart? And will they all weather the storm together, or be destroyed by it? CONTENT NOTES: If you are ace or have issues with blood and violence, please make sure to consult the warnings after the author's note (available in the preview). The spicy aspects of the book remain largely isolated, marked (by chapter and page number), and can be skipped without missing out on too much of the characters' interactions. Though for one of them their feelings and they way she acts on them is part of her specific human/dragon experience, and we cannot promise to keep her thoughts entirely devoid of attraction in a book about attraction. Either way we have taken care to make the spice, while on-page, not gratuitously graphic. We have preferences too. Hunting, blood, and some gore are more or less unavoidable in a book about monster hunting, and directly play into the narrative that drives the plot along. Please review the provided notes and proceed at your own discretion.

AdultDiversity Representation/Mental HealthDiversity RepresentationFantasyDiversity Representation/LGBTQ+Romance

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