Love of the Beast Extended Edition (Heart of the Moon Series Book 1) by Tashina Tradell

Can Love overpower the savage instincts of the beast? How can falling in love be dangerous when it's only our human nature to do so? Brittney Moss is about to find out exactly how dangerous it can be when her fall becomes more of a fast downward spiral into a world that she never thought possible. Alex Carter has been the object of her affection for far too long. Not only is he the most desirable guy in existence, but Britt has an unexplainable craving to be connected to him. When life throws a wrench in the summer preceding her senior year of high school, in the form of the gorgeous Zane, Britt can't decide what is right or wrong anymore. She had barely scratched the surface of the dark secrets Alex held, but can love overpower the savage instincts of the beast? Where forgiveness seems impossible, and loyalty crosses boundaries, this journey will keep you on the edge of your seat, pressing your fingertip to the edge of the page, ready to turn it and dive deeper into the world of the Heart of the Moon Series. This is an extended edition of the previously published Love of the Beast. We get to see more into the lives of our favorite characters with in depth descriptions of main character situations, and different POV’s. If you loved the first edition, you will be pleased to get your hands on the extended edition and lose yourself again to the epic fated love story of Britt and Alex’s relationship as they tread the dark waters of their crossed destinies.

Young AdultFantasy

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