Laas (The After Book 3) by C. Sunrise

They say I, Rodite, am to be queen of a kingdom I have no memories of. They say I’ll rule beside an attractive man, the father of my unborn child, who is a stranger to me. They say I’ll remember everything in time, as long as I let myself rest and recover from the explosion that nearly stole my life. At least those are the things the few people who speak my language say to me… and little more. But who can rest when that’s all you’re expected to do, especially when you know the castle walls and those within them are hiding just as many secrets as your damaged mind? I sure as hell can’t. Dom and Breana were stolen, separated, and thrust into unknown lands. In this epic conclusion to The After trilogy, the mated pair will need to move past their fears and pain and put their trust in unexpected allies if they ever want to make it back into each other’s arms. Will they be strong enough to fight the battles and internal demons that stand between them?

New AdultFantasy

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