A Greedy Shadow: Glint & Shade Book Two


A Greedy Shadow: Glint & Shade Book Two by Eric Shane Love

Book two in the Glint & Shade series from Eric Shane Love. A reluctant hope, hungry darkness, and a haunting pact. Join Eliot as he learns to live outside the shadow of the Dark Wood. Eliot survived his coming-of-age rite of passage, his kohlas . . . but dark things leave dark stains. Even as he is drawn to the safety he feels among new friends, he learns of another darkness: a shadow that is hungry with lust and greedy for him. Nightmares plague him, a hideous band of cannibalistic barbarians are on the move, and Eliot doesn’t trust the hope he feels. But the worst part may be the secret scratching in the back of his mind: when will the woodsmen come for him? For readers of the Dark Tower Series, dark fantasy, and gothic horror fiction, this is a satisfying fever dream of twisted characters set in the land of Glint & Shade. Note: Some scenes in A Greedy Shadow may be triggering for some readers due to graphic imagery of sexual violence.


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