Grace (Three Times Blessed Series Book 1) by Nicole Warner

In Nicole Warner's exciting fantasy debut, "Grace", extraordinary circumstances force two young royals into an unknown destiny. As nobles of their respective kingdoms, their futures are set. A princess promised to a king. A lord burdened by expectation. In this historical fantasy, where the weight of royal duty would deny the desire of one's heart, Lord Eadred and Princess Anais find themselves caught between the two. Eadred, cousin to the King of Tellenel, is tasked with teaching their language and customs to Anais, King Edmund's betrothed. He thinks it a punishment, little wishing to babysit a princess. Both are sent to the coastal town of Arnil Wale where mystical and deadly forces soon intrude upon Eadred's life. With threats all around, exposing those he loves to danger, he faces impossible choices. Worse yet, his growing affinity for the Princess places them both in a different sort of peril. Far from the Tellen court and the man she is to marry, their friendship quickly becomes the greatest risk of all.


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