Demon Tamer (Divine and Hellish Series) by Melinda Clark

Growing up as a human witch in a land where magick is common, a lot was expected of Andromeda when it came to honing her magickal skills and talents. Sadly, she’s come up short in that department. Clumsy and unable to focus, her spells usually flub. Most days it doesn’t bother her so much, except now as a warlock is sweeping through the land and devastating nations before adding them to his empire. His armies have already crossed the border and wiped out her town, taking her mother and grandmother with them. In an act of desperation, she seeks to perform one of the nation’s taboos: to summon a demon, a witch’s greatest enemy, in order to use its power.Summoned from the Hell Realm by the little witch, Rowan is a half-demon with something to prove. Humans and demons alike have always treated him as lesser. Everyone he encounters either wants to kill him or use him for their own needs before tossing him away like trash. He expects Andy will treat him no differently, but finds that she is not exactly what he imagined she would be. But a deal’s a deal, and when he is done with the warlock, he will have himself a taste of the little witch. Her soul, no matter how weak, will increase his own power exponentially and allow him to fulfill his desire of ascending the demonic ranks to that greater than his father. He will finally have what he wants from them all: their fear and respect.Two enemies must work together to achieve their goals. Will Andy be able to show him that not all humans are created equal? Or will Rowan find a way to consume her soul before his end of the deal is done?


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