Immortal Creation: Sister Witches by Melinda Hyde

Book 1 Come along on this journey filled with vampires, witches and prowling were-panthers —where the heartaches of love and betrayal become twisted by the hands of fate. Lenora and Leonia are two very powerful witches, but, more than that, they are closely bonded sisters. When Leonia meets Orin, a hot, steamy man that seems to have stepped straight from a dream, her entire life is turned inside out. Embracing her chance at love could mean having to change everything she is—everything she’s known. Lenora doesn't harbor any love for her sister's new love interest. There’s just something about him that doesn’t resonate with her, but for Leonia’s sake, she does what she can to keep the peace. In the meantime, she sets her sights elsewhere. She takes pity on some unfortunate souls from a nearby village, consequently creating the first vampires. Now, it's up to Leonia and Orin to correct her misguided mistake before it’s too late. But the stakes are high. The price could very well be their lives. Leonia is determined to keep her new love from harm's way, no matter the cost. Even if it means losing the one person that she loves the most.


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