A Siren's Heart's Desire


A Siren's Heart's Desire by Melinda Clark

As a reborn mermaid, Amandine is tasked by her Goddess to go ashore during the equinox and obtain a chosen human’s heart before the following Blood Moon. In exchange, any wish of her choosing will be bestowed upon her. Though the chosen human, Marc, is unaffected by Amandine’s mystical charm, she waits patiently for the prime moment to carve out his heart and deliver it to her creator. As she learns more about him, Amandine finds that the reason Marc can resist her allure is in his blood; making him even more special than she had once perceived him to be. The longer she is among the humans, the more Amandine’s mind recalls about her previous life as one of them. Her emotions, in turn, also seek to deceive her; allowing he and his daughters to slowly become a part of her once-numb being. Seeing the possibility of unfaithfulness, one of her kin decides to take advantage of Amandine’s weakness and pursue the task of killing the human herself; therefore, being entitled to get her own wish granted. Amandine must choose: Complete her mission and obtain her blessed wish, or protect the family and be disloyal to the deity who gave her this existence. Will she cast aside her own feelings in the name of her duty? Or will she realize, in the end, what her heart’s true desire is?


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