Andromedea (The Perseus Series Book 1)


Andromedea (The Perseus Series Book 1) by Kate Haley

Vekta Rentclifv is the premier cybernetics engineer of the United Star Communities, but is a troubled man, still grieving the loss of his wife a year after her tragic accident. When a former colleague in the Perseus Guard runs afoul of an alien incursion, the pain is once again fresh. Moreover, his telepathic powers have caught the notice of a being observing him… who intends to set him on a path that will change him forever. When circumstances demand his involvement in the mission to answer this new threat, Vekta has to choose between this critical need and leaving his twin children. The Perseus Series is an adventurous exploration into the realms of telepathy, artificial intelligence, alternate universes, space travel and the frontiers of personhood. You will meet the Starguards, who live to face down and resolve the most deadly threats against the safety and harmony of the egalitarian United Star Communities. You’ll also meet noisome predatory creatures — or constructed, sentient beings like the Crater–class cybernisms — or intelligent species loosely resembling dolphins and octopuses. There may be pirates. There may be love found in surprising places. There may be galactic tricksters.It’s going to be quite the ride. Be sure you come back for the exciting conclusion in Book 2, "Eye of the Gazelle!"


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