The Curse Breaker: Beyond Blackwall


The Curse Breaker: Beyond Blackwall by Dylan J Silver

In this ancient land of magic and beast, a forgotten battle rages between the gods themselves, and their children seek to destroy one another. Iro finds himself caught in the midst of this struggle, and must overcome loss, war, and hardship, as he pieces together a legacy left behind by his forefathers. The Curse Breaker: Beyond Blackwall tells the story of a world where forgotten gods and ancient magic reign, of a struggle where otherworldly creatures fight for survival, and of one ordinary boy’s incredible journey to become something extraordinary. He must answer the call, and become the curse breaker. This book is a dark fantasy about mythical creatures, and their struggles in a world with forgotten gods and ancient magic. The story has a strong focus on relationships between men, fathers and sons, brothers, and male lovers. It contains strong LGBTQ+ themes, some heavy language, violence, intense depictions of gore, some sexual situations, depictions of genocide, and nuanced adult themes.


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