Once Upon A Star: 14 SF-Inspired Faerie Tales (Once Upon Series Book 4) by Various

From the bestselling authors of the award-winning Once Upon Anthologies! Revisit your favorite faerie tales, masterfully retold in science fiction settings with delightful (and sometimes chilling) twists. What if the Twelve Dancing Princesses were undead clones? What if the witch in Hansel and Gretel was an AI-sentient house? Are you ready for the Three Little Pigs… in space? These fourteen tales will entertain and inspire you, and you’ll never see your favorite faerie tales quite the same way again. Grab your copy of Once Upon A Star, and don’t forget the five other anthologies for more magical retellings! ESCAPE: A Liza Roth Adventure by Anthea Sharp - A princess on the run and her feline companion find adventure - and danger - on Starhub Station in this story based on the Icelandic fairy tale Kisa the Cat. TRUE.LOVE by Alethea Kontis - In this futuristic retelling of Sleeping Beauty, a gamer hacktivist tries to take down the world’s largest matchmaking site…and stumbles on a side quest he never bargained for. BLOW YOUR PLANET DOWN by Shawntelle Madison - After the Wolverine Horde nearly destroyed her home world, Commander Cressida Van Der Snout is prepared to use the Horde’s greatest weapon to exact her revenge.

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