The Chant of Cold Iron: Verses of the Stone and Void by Edward C Oliver

Revenge is best served with cold iron A young boy is left all alone in a harsh world, when he witness the mindless slaughter of his entire village.... With the weight of the world on his shoulders, he seeks allies...and perversely obsesses to reap a terrible venegance upon those who took everything he loves... In the boiling cauldron of discontent that is the Nertheilm- secretive factions are vying for control. Nations endlessly bicker in conflicts without end. Meanwhile an outcast knight and a woman that can take the shape of others; consolidate a Pact to fight in a far deeper war that goes unseen. For this loose alliance will wield powers long forgotten by the world. ….and so these strangers will meet on the lonely road of vengeance and in their wake a new chant will ring out.... Here begins the Verses of the Stone and Void


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