Triangulation: Extinction (Triangulation Anthologies)


Triangulation: Extinction (Triangulation Anthologies) by Various

Can we bring a species back from extinction? Why are dragons not with us today? Would you condemn a whole species to die so you could live? Explore these tales of species extinction. Hold fast against the winds of death with the caretakers of the future. Decipher warnings from the past, the future, and worlds between worlds. Be more dangerous than the big game hunters. Doggedly track down the last specimen across three continents. Recognize messages aliens have left for us so we don't continue on the destructive path we're on. Are our successors already waiting in the wings? Featuring stories by these authors: Liam Hogan, Blake Jessop, Owen Leddy, Katie Sakanai, Joshua David Bellin, Marshall J. Moore, Elana Gomel, Rhonda Eikamp, Jamie Lackey, Jennifer R. Povey, Jim Hanson, Sean Jones, E.A. Petricone, Brett Kozlowski, Bradley Heywood, Jennifer Lee Rossman, Katrinka Mannelly, Bo Balder, Bethany Van Sterling, Steve Carr, Joy Kennedy-O'Neill, Marissa James, Brian Rappatta, Anya Ow, Michael Triozzi, Carina Bissett, & Sam Hicks.

AdultScience Fiction/Anthologies

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