Tears of Prophecy: Book I of the World of Prophecy by Marios Genethliou

A young man who has known nothing but abuse and rejection all his life finds himself to be the scion of prophecy with powers beyond his imagination. Virtuous sorcerers and malevolent warlocks are locked in a race against time, fiercely competing for influence over the one prophesied to either save the world or destroy it. Aldo is at the mercy of deeply flawed human beings, his very soul the prize and his newly-discovered powers both a blessing and a curse. Which path will he choose? Will he remain manipulated and used or will he take charge of his own fate? How will his actions determine the course of history? A journey in search of destiny, from the frozen reaches of the world, through stormy seas, impassable jungles, scorching deserts, unscalable mountains and countries ravaged by war, forever in the thralls of prophecy.


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