Waterworld: Volume 4: Sariah (Colorworld Book 9)


Waterworld: Volume 4: Sariah (Colorworld Book 9) by Rachel E Kelly

he 4th volume in the Waterworld installment of the Colorworld Series. Six year old Sariah's best friend, Rita Long, wears a string of flat, silver disks on each of her wrists. She has identical ones on each ankle, which Uncle Cyrus makes her keep covered up with socks. Sometimes Uncle Cyrus also wears them on his own wrists. Sariah once asked Rita why she never took them off. Rita shrugged and said Uncle Cyrus told her they were for therapy. Sariah's mother explained that therapy was for people whose souls were ill. As the two girls grow up, Sariah learns just how right her mother was. Rita is haunted, held captive by the magnitude of her own power. Power that Sariah fails to heed until it's too late. Years later, Sariah realizes Rita has become somewhat of a public figure alongside the enigmatic Gabe Dumas, spearheading a cause called The Human Movement, an organization in opposition to the Guild of Prime Humans. She knows that if Rita is involved, it cannot mean anything good. Fearing involvement with Rita again, she's content to leave it be. But a strange character finds his way into the restaurant where she works and sets off a series of events that push Sariah into uncovering decade-old mysteries surrounding Rita, herself, and Gabriel Dumas.


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