Here be Ghosts


Here be Ghosts by Various

Who are they? What are they? The souls of the long departed, or wicked manifestations of sin? Tales of ghosts and spectres have enthralled us since time began. From ghostly servants, spectral possession, a space-going ghostbuster, to Halloween horrors, wicked toads and missing children these tales bring chills and thrills. Ancient horrors, long-dead rockers, family secrets and helpful murder victims join them in providing the shivers and the quivers. Dare you venture with the dead-walking. 13 tales of spooks, lost souls, and weird adventures. Table of Contents 1. "Communication Breakdown" by Dayle A. Dermatis 2. "Alfred Lets Loose" by Linda Jordan 3. "Seventh" by Debbie Mumford 4. "Crossing the Naiad" by J.M. Ney-Grimm 5. "Full Circle" by Kate MacLeod 6. "Roadside Ghosts: A Collection of Horror and Dark Fantasy" by Steve Vernon 7. "The Palace" by Leah Cutter 8. "A Burning Rainbow Man" by Ann Stratton 9. "The Whole World for Each" by Kate MacLeod 10. "The Queen of Toads" by Joe Bonadonna 11. "Ghosts and Ghoulies" by Deb Logan 12. "The Secret of Blossom Rise: A Ghost Story" by A. L. Butcher 13. "The Popcorn Thief" by Leah Cutter


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