Bloom of Beorg: Song of Gl├Ždlond


Bloom of Beorg: Song of Gl├Ždlond by Jess Cippian

A spellbound princess. An enchanted castle. A mysterious stranger. The castle binds her, even protects her. Princess Alikina is sure she is destined to live out her life trapped in this prison of perfect leisure, alone but for the company of one silent being. Until the stranger arrives, mortally wounded, turning her world upside down. Who is this outsider, and where did he come from? What dark tidings does he bear? Alikina discovers the one thing that can save her kingdom. She slips through the flawed enchantment to face a world of pain and sorrow wrought by the hand of an evil queen. Can she find the courage to face her fears and boldness to claim the throne she was born to?

Young AdultFantasyFantasy/Historical

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