The Lost Dawn


The Lost Dawn by Dan Neil

The Lost Dawn is the first book in an epic fantasy adventure series, The Daybreak Saga. It all begins here, in the world of Alea. Magic is everywhere, for better or worse. The Atlos family has served the immortal King Symon Del Gaddeaux for generations. Only three siblings remain of the once-prestigious house: Carter, the eldest, a ranger for the king; Lady Aliya, the second-oldest, a knight reputed for her mind magic; and then there's Keia. Keia Atlos was once a magical prodigy, but a traumatic incident cut her off from Gaea--the source of all magic. The loss leaves Keia heartbroken. Though she now survives as a thief in the slums beneath the king's capital of Genievon, she longs to unlock her magical potential. Given the right opportunity, she'd risk everything for a chance to be a mage. Dark times are coming to Gaddeaux. Keia's ex-employer, a violent outlaw with a fearsome reputation, is on the loose, and he's planning something big; the wild king gathers power north of the kingdom; and ancient whispers speak of a rising Dark Lord. Whether or not Keia knows it, she's at the center of all of it. If she hopes to survive, she'll need her magic back. Time is short. To regain what was lost, Keia must face her greatest fears, armed only with courage and faith that she'll rise to the challenge.

AdultFantasy/DarkFantasy/Epic and HighFantasy

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