The Ghostlands, Part 1: Erie Energy by CN James, Amy Joy

Landscapes shift. Ghosts whisper. People disappear. A dark secret looms… There’s a hollowness inside of Anastasia, a deep longing to be normal. But that’s not what she is. She can do what no one else can: she can understand the ghosts. There are millions of them. So many, in fact, that every city is now surrounded by an energy barrier designed to protect them from the ghosts. And her boyfriend, the only person who understood her, has disappeared. Desperate to find him, she must make a deal with her duplicitous brother and travel outside the protection of the city, into the haunted wastelands known as the ghostlands. What she will discover there will change her life and her world forever.

Young AdultHorror/Paranormal CreaturesFantasy/Dark

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