Be A Good Girl by Aella Ray

Marionette Jackson has Borderline Personality Disorder. She just doesn’t know it yet. Marionette clings to her secret in order to survive the unforgiving world of loss, drugs and manipulation. Between handsome stalkers and her unbelievably perfect twin sister, she’ll do whatever it takes to be strong. Drawn to her dark teacher with ties to her past and desperate to escape the cruelty of her mother, can Marionette find stable ground to create a meaningful life for herself in? Can she discover who she is meant to be underneath all the parts she plays for everyone else? Will she ever get out of herself alive? In the first book of its kind, Aella Ray’s debut series is exactly what the world of mental health needs. Be A Good Girl, and it’s companion book, Yes Daddy, illustrate the mind behind this misunderstood disorder and provide a trailblazing perspective that could change the world of mental health as we know it.

AdultLiterary Fiction


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