The Long Nights by Tom Mock ✓ author

A cry of pain, hard and desperate, tore through Carthage City one night … The Nightwalker Killings: sick-o knife jobs, brutalized bodies drained and tucked away in abandoned corners of Carthage City. No witnesses, no leads. The oddity of the bodies’ stalled decay was a mystery … until the latest victim woke in a fury of teeth and claws. Caught up in the case is Joe Kellerman, a telepath struggling to keep his work as an occult “Specialist” separate from the rest of his so-called life. Answering a midnight summons from his boss, Joe finds himself face to face with the Nightwalker killer, a vampire named Adrian Lange—at least, what’s left of him. At his employer’s behest, Joe uses his abilities to search the killer’s fragmented mind for his missing victims before any more crawl out of the dark to feed. But when the woman Joe loves tells him she’s had enough, Joe is stretched thin between his past mistakes and seeing the Nightwalker case through. Haunted by visions of Adrian’s lurid past and strained humanity, a shadow grows in Joe’s mind. Has he finally gone too far into the dark to ever find his way out again? THE LONG NIGHTS (noir urban fantasy) is Tom Mock’s debut novel.

Age: Adult

Genre: Horror/Supernatural and Occult

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense/Detective Fiction

Genre: Fantasy/Dark

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