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Chair Repair and Other Ways to Die

Chair Repair and Other Ways to Die by Jody Wenner

When Harper's father invites her to his new cabin for a weekend, Harper has a bad feeling deep in her gut about it. She isn't interested in meeting his new sweetie, Peggy. But, knowing she needs to take some time away from the chairs and sort her life out, she reluctantly agrees to go. As soon as she arrives, she is certain something is terribly wrong. Her father is not there to greet her, which is highly unusual for him. And, from naked meditation to invisible cats, Peggy’s eccentricities grow more unnerving by the moment. So, when an unexpected storm traps them together, Harper fears the little old lady with whom she’s sharing a cabin isn’t quite as sweet as she seems—especially once she learns about all the dead husbands Peggy’s left in her wake. With no phone and no survival skills to speak of, Harper finds herself going back to the one thing she knows she can depend on, the one thing she feels certain can save the chairs.

Fragments of a shattered mind

Fragments of a shattered mind by Jae Vel

Fragments of Shattered Mind” is a collection of poems about the author’s personal journey with depression, PTSD, and anxiety. On her darkest days she felt as if she were at the bottom of a long forgotten well unable to climb out. Writing became a therapeutic way to express her thoughts when she felt she had no voice to speak.

Angels Before Man

Angels Before Man by Rafael Nicolás

A queer retelling of Satan's fall – In an eternal paradise, the most beautiful angel, Lucifer, struggles with shame, identity, and timidity, with little more than the desire to worship his creator. It isn't until the strongest angel, Michael, comes into his life that Lucifer learns to love himself. Along the way, their friendship begins to bloom into something else. Maybe the first romance in the history of everything. But this God is a jealous one, and maybe paradise is not paradise.

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