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house of haddaway

house of haddaway by parker j cole

SPSFC 2022

A consortium of worlds align to form the Milky Way Planetary Alliance where the most powerful planet--Earth--rules one third of the galaxy. In this sci-fi fantasy romantic retelling of a classic fairytale, an arranged marriage, a husband's secrets, and a wife's quest to gain power collide to create a tale of a galactic intrigue. Death Haddaway, ruler of Preyida, will do anything to save his people, even if it means marrying a woman from an alien race. Lee Glow knows her duty is to uphold her planet’s interests. Despite her doubts, she obeys the command to wed. As time passes, she knows Death is hiding something that will threaten their relationship and affect the treaties between their worlds. Soon, Death finds himself trapped in a web of his own deceit. Torn between duty and choice Death has to determine whether to continue to lie and save his people. Or, reveal the truth and lose everything he holds dear.

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