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Once Upon a Bite: 15 Incisive Faerie Tales (Once Upon Series Book 7) Kindle Edition by by Annie Bellet (Author), Alethea Kontis (Author), Anthea Sharp (Author), Christine Pope

The Blue Fairy Hunters Guild - Phaedra Weldon Joining the Blue Fairy Hunters Guild is just the first step in finding the Nightshade who made him a Puppet all those centuries ago. Revenge is the goal, but lies and truths revealed show his past has a very different tale. Silvereyes and the Three Wolves - Nikki Jefford Werewolf reporter Justin Slinger covers the dramatic court trial of Kingdom v. Silvereyes. Will the vampire Ada Silvereyes be found guilty of first-degree burglary and property damage? River Daughter - Annie Bellet The tale of a woman who is the last in a long line of magical women, and the lengths a mother will go to not only to protect her child, but also her legacy. The Girl Who Cried Vamp - Christine Pope Hedgewitch Selena Marx is usually ready to believe six impossible things before breakfast. But even her credulity is strained when the new kid in town is full of strange stories, each one wilder than the next. The Ugly Daughter - Donna Augustine The Ugly Daughter follows a scarred and ridiculed girl named Winni. All she dreams of is a future where she’s accepted, but her true destiny is more than she could’ve imagined. Spider to the Fly - Kate Danley "'Will you walk into my parlour?' said the Spider to the Fly." The famous poem by Mary Howett gets a lush retelling by USA Today bestselling author Kate Danley. Except there's vampires.

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