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When We Were Still Human (A Eulogy for Our Humanity Book 1) by Vaughn J. Foster

After the curse of the angels' sins, seven lives were destroyed and rebuilt;Those who were born monsters and those who became, all faced with two terrifying questions:What does it mean to live forever and what does it mean to destroy the world?Val was the nursing student-turned ghoul. Avia was a high-functioning addict leaping between realms. Reborn as "Gluttony" and "Wrath," these young women must survive a new world where every myth is real and every creature, dethroned god, and spirit lusts for their power.As Val and Avia discover the dark truths both worlds have fought to hide, they must decide for themselves if humanity would truly be worth saving. From the reincarnation of the first vampire to the buried massacre of the fae, one must ask the question:"What really makes a villain after all?"

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