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Bleudark (Other World) Pa

Bleudark (Other World) Pa by Varnadore Vaughn

"Don't be afraid to look into the eclipse!" -Jee Rune Hartsmund is on the verge of pitching the game of his life and making baseball history when there is an attempt on his life from somewhere behind the stadium lights. Miraculously, he is saved by a young boy who runs onto the field just before the bullet strikes home. He soon finds out that his savior, Jee, is a 600-year-old Japanese deity, reincarnated in the body of a 13-year-old Asian boy. Reluctantly, he is drawn into a magical world where guns are called wands, bullets are curses and MagĂ­ use the lifeforce of humans to fuel their magic. Pulled between the loyalty of the only world he has ever known and the Other World that now lays claim to him, he struggles with the ethics of his newfound magical abilities. Together with a rag-tag group of PaladĂ­n-MagĂ­ and The Alliance, Against, Dark, Arts & Arcane, Magics (A.A.D.A.A.M), he struggles to defend both worlds against the Necromancer, Nubilous. Rune uncovers that nothing was ever what it seemed and learns the malignant mysteries of the Bleudark.

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