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Grief by Taea Edwards

How much hope does it really take to pull someone off the edge? Amara Brayleigh has been on her own for seven years, eaten away by the death of her mother and plagued by magically-induced nightly terrors, until the day an entirely infuriating and overly-persistent Sloane Randall shoves his nose into her life. With him, Amara finds herself following down a path that was long suggested for her but that she never intended to follow. When the oncoming civil war that has shaken up her realm ultimately threatens the stable life that Amara has clawed her way to, she must choose between starting completely new elsewhere or following Sloane into the territory of battle. Only, the longer Amara sticks around, the more she learns firsthand the brutal sides of the history she had always read about, the intricacies of war, and whether or not she deserves a place among it. Follow a story where words strike deeper than blade, magic has a mind of its own, and one girl is forced to confront her grief even when life seems to always be two steps ahead of her. Amara will have to make all of the choices she has desperately been avoiding: Isolation or trust, magic or denial, and her great, daunting past or her ever-important future.

Sutton Saviour

Sutton Saviour by Taea Edwards

One day, a saviour appeared suddenly and was punished as a consequence of the witness. On the day of his father's death, Asher Sutton, the oldest son of Viscount Edward Sutton, had his life altered. Asher was witness to a life-altering event that had a lasing influence on his life. That day, he was altered from the rake he was destined to become by a power beyond his comprehension. He will never forget the vision he saw that day, which guided him to the woman of his dreams. The Suttons' next-door neighbour is the secretive Penelope Garfield. Her relationship with the Suttons was like a second family to her. Asher and Penelope had no awareness of one other's existence until the night of the full blue moon. What exactly transpired that night? What were the repercussions of their actions?

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