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The Return of the Dark Sun: Book One of the Chronicles of a Higher Calling by S.B Zoltan

A thousand years ago, the art of magic suddenly vanished from the world. No one could explain exactly what had caused this unexpected event. Kingdoms and empires fell apart as their economies and societies collapsed, and only the strongest, richest empires survived this hopeless time, the Age of Chaos, which lasted two hundred years. Without magic and the power of wizardry, whole generations grew old and died. In the Free Realms, people no longer believed sorcerers had ever existed. One day, however, a glimpse of the past returns. Kara Primusignis, a princess, lives her everyday life in the Kingdom of Kallahia, traveling from town to town in search of a missing part of her past. Strange news arrives from a neighboring kingdom: a merchant has made an unusual discovery in the Gaenessi Mountains, a range to the far southwest. Kara, with a group of soldiers, immediately sets out to the location to investigate. Days before the arrival of the strange news, Kara witnessed the sun change colors for a few hours, but then it returned to normal. At that time, she didn’t suspect that this phenomenon would soon change her life forever…

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