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The Locket: Magician's Prophecy

The Locket: Magician's Prophecy by Rachel L. Tilley


A fun standalone YA fantasy novel with magic, adventure, and a dash of romance too. Carra and her sister are unexpectedly kidnapped, taken across the border, and sold at auction to a local family. There, she learns of the existence of magic but, despite the help of Nicholas her new owner’s son, she struggles to find any magical ability of her own.This is only the beginning of Carra’s journey, as she finds herself traversing unknown lands - forests, sinister claustrophobic tunnels, and a desert - searching out a locket under the justification of a vague prophecy. The locket will not be given up easily. A mysterious tower holds a number of trials she must pass, and challenges her to take control of her own fate. Only through understanding her own flaws and thinking on her feet can she unlock her true potential. Even if she can find her magic, and gain entrance to the Academy where she can develop her skills, how will she choose to use it?

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