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The Jinn and the Two Kingdoms

The Jinn and the Two Kingdoms by Peter Blaisdell


Thiago doesn’t think of himself as a demon, but he is. He’s a thief too, and therein lies this story. A portal connects medieval Arabia to a magical kingdom of mile-high palaces and brewing revolution ruled by a psychopathic king. Thiago, a daredevil jinn, uses the portal to seize the king’s treasure. Thiago can become fire and windstorms. However, his enemies – and that’s almost everyone including the king he stole from – are even more powerful. They’ll slaughter Thiago to get the treasure back. Helping Thiago – or not – are a brilliant and beautiful scribe who might be Thiago’s friend, a pretty demon who isn’t Thiago’s lover anymore, and a motley collection of magical bandits. But will they share the treasure with Thiago? And there’s more at stake than treasure. The demon and human realms will violently collide if the king recovers his treasure from Thiago and uses it to finance his invasion of the human world. Thiago began as a thief, but now he must stop a supernatural war.

The Lords of the Summer Season

The Lords of the Summer Season by Peter Blaisdell


Bradan grew up in Camelot and grew famous during the Summer of Love. He’s nearly immortal, a talented musician, but only a mediocre magician. That’s unfortunate because he’ll need more than pretty lyrics to confront a psychopathic Celtic warlord and a Welsh god hell-bent on collecting souls. They’ve also near-immortal and Bradan clashed with them 1500 years ago. They haven’t forgotten. Theirs is a duel through history with savage fights in Camelot and Renaissance Florence. Now it’s 1967 and they’ve found him again, and they lead an army of specters intent on murder. Bradan’s only friends are his haunted motorcycle, his lunatic band-mates, and a witch with uncertain loyalties. There won’t be much love this summer unless Bradan defeats a warlord and a god. And his friends die too if he doesn’t win this fight. This is fantasy with a dash of psychedelia. The Lords of the Summer Season is part of a series, which also includes The Lords of Oblivion and The Lords of Powder. Each book can be read as a stand-alone novel or together as part of an ongoing series.

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