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Caste of the Mountain

Caste of the Mountain by Nicolin Odel

Young Hata Vasara is in the midst of discovering her first love as all hell breaks loose. Her father, Baal Vasara, a Foreman miner in the mountain city of Oitilla, discovered something deep within the earth—an ominous archway of steaming red light. Finding such an unnatural creation in such a place, Baal chooses to cover it up. Unfortunately, his right-hand man, Alvar Kovaa, has other ideas. We find the Vasara family, Baal, Brena, and Hata, in turmoil as the village chieftain accuses the family of lies and notions of thievery. The family is forced to fight for their place in Oitilla or be exiled as treachery follows in their wake.

The Children of Skaad

The Children of Skaad by Nicolin Odel

The red-haired young woman awakens within a cage and remembers nothing. Not even her own name. She finds herself in servitude to a vile man and powerful magi. Sluggish and addicted from her enforced intoxication to the drug grit. All under the watchful eye of a strict woman, The Proctor of the Covenant Enclosure, the red-haired girl is trained to use her power to manipulate the earth. But ever so slowly, she begins to regain her memory and struggles to escape this place of unspeakable horrors. Simon Meridio, a simple architect, has been named the First Otsoa of the nomadic people of Hasiera. His wife, Saudett, is pregnant and reunited with her long-lost mother, whom she has not seen in twenty years. He found a Skrull damned magical dagger that granted him unfathomable knowledge. And all thanks to him, the oasis valley of Hasiera has lost its water source, and a magical gateway hiding in the earth brings new turmoil. By the gods, I wish I could go home.

The Shepherds of the Sunstone: Book One - Sunstone Saga (The Sunstone Saga)

The Shepherds of the Sunstone: Book One - Sunstone Saga (The Sunstone Saga) by Nicolin Odel


A murdered father. Awakened magic. Nightmares of drowning in the dark abyss. Something hunts in the deep of the night through the endless sea of sand. Adventurous, captivating, and complex, The Shepherds of the Sunstone plunges into the world of fantasy with a blood-curdling scream. Hata thought she was ordinary until she discovered her power to bend the earth to her will. Simon had a dream of drowning, and then his nightmare became a reality. He was kidnapped by a savage tribe and enslaved in the desert. His wife, Saudett, is a soldier who would stop at nothing to rescue him. She joins forces with a band of warriors and Hata, the mysterious girl with earth-shattering magic. But they were not the only ones who wanted Hata’s gift. A powerful order of mages is hunting her down, and they will stop at nothing to capture her. And as they journey across the desert of the Burning Sea, they face a malevolent force threatening to destroy them all. Can they survive the perils and save Simon from his fate? Find out in this epic fantasy adventure, where magic, grit and courage collide. Fans of Patrick Rothfuss, Andrzej Sapkowski, Sarah J. Maas, and Robin Hobb will find this first installment in the Sunstone Saga an intense, tactile, dark, and action-packed journey.

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