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Moon Soul

Moon Soul by Nathaniel Luscombe

"I don't think I can justify it any longer. I'm going to quit my job." August has never been good with change and isn’t sure who she is beyond her job of reading memories in the sand. When she comes to the conclusion that she has to quit her job, she’s left with an overwhelming sense of emptiness. What follows is the quiet chaos of a girl regaining control over her life on a small desert moon. Deciding to take a job in the hanging gardens of the Spire, August discovers more to life as she meets new friends, forms a different connection with her home, and faces an unexpected visitor from her past. Rich in relatable emotions and experiences, inspiring in message, and written in prose that will hook you from page one, Moon Soul is a science fantasy novella unlike any you’ve read before. It will leave you feeling seen and understood.

The Planets We Become

The Planets We Become by Nathaniel Luscombe

Rahnia was sent to a desert planet with a mission: hunt down the voice box and find a home for her people. It makes no difference that her people have no claim to the planet as they hunt for something that never belonged to them. They long to conquer, even as she longs to be free. When a tragic accident leaves her lost and alone, Rahnia finds herself in the care of a stranger who offers her the power of a planet unlike any she’s ever known before—one that’s alive and calling her name. Faced with a past full of pain, she is determined to build up a future of hope—even if it takes a lifetime.

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