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Vow of Moonlight

Vow of Moonlight by Morgana Stewart

Princess Aurora has a secret. She thinks she owes everything to her fiancé, because he is kind and is helping save her kingdom from war debts. But, inside her heart, she knows she will never belong to him. Prince Elias has a secret. He loves Aurora with all of his heart, but he knows that he can only love her this way and doesn’t know how to tell her. The witch has too many secrets. Her past, the reason behind the vows, the blood on her hands, and the worry that aches in her chest. She may delight in torturing the princess with harsh words, but can she face what she feels when Aurora begins to place her life in danger? Nobody wants their secrets found but war uncovers many hidden things. The moonlight gods are no longer watching, shadows have voices, and nothing is as it seems.

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