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Defenders of Myth: Beginnings by Michael Gisman


On their world, myths spread their shadow across the land as legends creep from the dark of night. Some seek refuge. Others seek destruction and death. Meanwhile, something hidden, buried in the shadows of our world, hungers for release… A young man, Kalend, raised in a monastery without ever knowing who his parents were, is forced to flee that home by Warlocks and creatures from the mists of those myths. During his flight, Kalend comes face to face with a twin sister he never knew existed. A young woman, Hollilea, raised in the mountains by witches to learn the art of magic of another place and time, struggles to realize her full powers while being hunted by monsters from legend. Myths and legends have seeped from our world into theirs…and they bring chaos. A hidden hand has yet to reveal itself or its true designs as it desperately seeks the siblings. Brother and sister must unite, only together can they face their true calling. Only together can they face the darkness closing in on their world. Drawn into an ages-old struggle, as allies and foes from their world and another much older one gather around them, they confront the emerging evil and search for what lurks behind the veil of myths. Worlds converge as magic, armies, and creatures are unleashed on both sides. Thus begins a journey to save not just the people of their world but others from a faraway land. A land not so different from our own… Our world and their world. Myths and legends. Darkness spreads over all. Celtic, Arthurian, Greek, and other legends from two worlds, ours and theirs, mixed with sword and sorcery, are woven into a classic epic fantasy.

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