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The Clash of Fates

The Clash of Fates by Michael E. Thies


Walk the path. Climb the cliff. Conquer the mountain. But do not die for the crown... Edwyrd Eska is a man with a bright future, being accepted to participate in the upcoming Trials. But when fate intercedes on his behalf, being forced to bond to a dragon after a violent tragedy, his life will never be the same. Can he overcome his loss and use it to his strength as he competes against the most dangerous adversaries in the system? Prince Victor Zigarda has always been talented in Power, swordsmanship, and reading others, so he isn’t surprised when he is selected to participate in the upcoming Trials. However, he soon realizes that there are others even more gifted than him and that there is more to the competition than meets the eye. How far is he willing to go to become Apprentice, uphold his family honor, and win the Trials he is fated to win? The Clash of Fates is the thrilling prequel to the fantasy adventure series, Guardian of the Core. Experience the original Trials and the genesis of a blood feud that extends for centuries as fate intertwines these two combatants in a tale of fire and pain… Read it today!

The Trials of the Core

The Trials of the Core by Michael E. Thies


Destiny calls to them all. Only one can seize it… Prince Hydro Paen longs to escape his disdainful mother. So when the Guardian of the Core announces a contest to become his apprentice, the young man leaps at the invitation to participate. Determined to prove himself and uphold the family legacy, he swears not to fail. Orphaned at a young age, Eirek Mourse doesn’t believe he’ll amount to much, so when an invitation to participate in the Trials arrives, he doesn't know what to do. Under the encouragement and advice of his uncle, he enters. But without any skills in combat, he has no idea how he will survive. Zain Berrese is a haunted man. Convinced he’s responsible for the death of his girlfriend, he longs to make amends by becoming the next Guardian. Hoping to outdo his adopted brother, who is also accepted, he makes a decision that accidentally kills his sibling just before the Trials begin, crushing his spirit. With trials increasingly complex and dangerous, each contestant must face his or her own fears as well as their crafty opponents. And with lives on the line, one of them will make an extraordinary choice… Will one of these would-be heroes find the inner strength and wisdom to emerge a champion before they all perish? The Trials of the Core is the first book in the gripping Guardian of the Core adventure fantasy series. If you like ensemble casts, imaginative worlds, and unpredictable twists, then you’ll love Michael E. Thies’s thrilling tale.

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