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The Education of a Wetback

The Education of a Wetback by Marcos Antonio Hernandez

He left to seek a future. Can he escape his past to find his fortune? El Salvador, 1979. Young Toño has grand ambitions. But as the second son of a poor farmer, he sees little hope of taking over the family business. And when he catches his secret girlfriend cavorting with her ex at the carnival, he decides the path to riches lies north of the border. Arriving in LA single and desperate for money, Toño works under the table while cohabitating with his fellow immigrants, hoping to earn enough to help his family and attract the right woman. But when his illegal status always results in rejection, the stubborn migrant becomes frustrated at being caught between two worlds. Can Toño break through social barriers and ingrained prejudice to create the future he'd envisioned? The Education of a Wetback is a candid, fictionalized account of one man's true journey into adulthood. If you like insightful Hispanic American literature, engaging characters, and elements of magical realism, then you'll love Marcos Antonio Hernandez's exhilarating quest for freedom.

Where They Burn Books, They Also Burn People

Where They Burn Books, They Also Burn People by Marcos Antonio Hernandez

They're devoted to God. But will doing the Lord's work lead them into darkness? 1549. Convinced he's destined to fulfill a whispered prophecy, Friar Diego de Landa labors to convert the Maya of the Yucatán Peninsula. Discovering a brutal Spanish landowner persecuting the native population, Friar Diego determines to protect them and punish the cruel man. But when he repatriates thousands of Maya and uproots centuries of indigenous traditions, the priest's obsession may end up destroying them all. 2010. Cortez Vuscar is convinced his father will return if he can grow their church's congregation. Certain he's found his true love and believing they can attract churchgoers together, Cortez sets out to win her from her wealthy and unfaithful boyfriend. But his fascination with the famous literature she's reading infects his mind with a deadly descent into madness... Can these men save their religion without destroying what they love? Where They Burn Books, They Also Burn People is the gripping combination of two books in the Hispanic American Heritage Stories series, based on historical events. If you like indigenous revenge, villain origin stories, and the consuming force of religious fervor, then you'll love this illuminating tale about Catholicism's shadowed past.

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